Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#yesterday is memory and today is history

okayy , just now , aku buka laaa his gf's blog , he forced me to read it , so i do read it . its such fucking ridiculous ! he never told me what was happend -.- i didnt ever noticed that yesterday was his anny wif his gf -.- hoomaigoddd , i wanna blame myself right now >:(

he said that he was so sadddd . and heyy girlfiee , im so sorryyyy , didnt know anything about the most important date in your life hunn . and you never told me about your anny wif meee >:( perhaps , he never said anything to meee , and we're on the phone last night , we do talk a lot about youu . not too much but a lil bit :3

you should remind me , isnt? :( its okayy if my heart was hurt , its already bleed before he told me about you . in your blog , if im not mistaken , you put his picture and i saw the fucking 3 words on it -.- and are you sure that you still love him? and and if you love him more than anything , but whyy you wanted to let him go just like that? are you nuts? no aite? hishhhh -.-

be honest wif me , if you dont like me then tell me , whats the point if youre just keep it in your heart? dont pretended that youre stay cool and chill . you can lie to me but you cant lie to your own fucking heart . and i think that i can live without him , you know what? i will face the music . i will let him go . yeaa , i will :'3 eventho i cant , thats the truth one .

i'll bet that you should hanging on my line . trust me :'] me and him , we cant stay any longer just like you do . 9 months , isnt? thus , you will need 3 months more then cukup satu tahun :') if you let him go , then its just a waste . are you blind or what? he needs you , he loves you . dont ever let him down just because of your fucking attitude . watch your mouth when you talked to him . this is the most important thing , eventho i love him but you're already know that hes not mine , hes all yours .

p/s ; banyak gila kesalahan grammar Y.Y