Wednesday, August 24, 2011

fuck you

Saying sorry doesn't make anything better,
Saying sorry wont give me back
what I gave to you, to all of you.
How could I've been so stupid to think that you might
like me, care about me.
Exactly 24 hours after you said: " I love you "
I found out about your girlfriend.. is that love?
I don''t think it is..
And you, saying that you love me, need me.
well show it to me! Convince me that you are not lying about it!
You, I trusted you, I gave all I fucking had to you, and what?
I don't get anything back, not even a sorry.
Your sorry means nothing to me,
so fuck you, fuck me and fuck this..
Now leave me the hell alone,
I have a heart,
Unbelievable but true,
and it was beating for you..

Mood: Dissapointed, fucked up
Music: My Immortal - Evanescence